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Josh Lucas On Working On ‘The Firm’ With Shaun Majumder

The actor tells George about the sometimes difficult experience of working on the TV series 'The Firm', and gets a funny surprise when Shaun Majumder drops by in sketch comedy form to spark some anecdotes about "face acting".

On Working on 'The Firm'
"The Firm, honestly - and it's funny, I haven't talked about this very openly - but it's been a very difficult experience. There was a dramatic creative difference between the, the main creator of the show and the actors that he hired, and so I think all of us have felt like it's been a long slog to say the least toward something that we're not - we don't believe it's what we would have loved to have been doing. You know I think we felt like the show had creative possibilities that were sort of broken early on, and so - and that's been an incredible, difficult undertaking."

On Working with Shaun Majumder
"That man is a treat. You know, he's a great force of joy every day... The experience that we've had which has been quite interesting for all of us is that we have had a group of actors that really love each other and take care of each other and Shaun has been kind of, at least for me, one of the best because he brings great humour to the set, which is otherwise quite a trudging, kind of day-to-day existence."