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John Turner on How To Save The Liberal Party of Canada

Canada's 17th Prime Minister, The Right Honourable John Turner, on the prospects of the Liberal Party of Canada turning itself around - something Turner helped it do back in the mid-1980s. He says the process will be tough and that the party needs to start right from the beginning but with proper leadership and good advice, there's no reason the Liberals can't make a comeback.

In this clip, the former Prime Minister talks about...

Rebuilding the Liberal Party
"It can be rebuilt. But it's going to be a tougher game now than it was in 1984 [...] We're in third place now, we don't have the same recruitment of young people in the ranks of the party - it's got to be done, built from the bottom up".

The rule that the Interim Leader can't become party Leader
"I think it'll be up for a vote again [...] My feeling is that Bob Rae has a good chance of being the permanent leader, the way he's going".