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Director John Singleton On ‘Django Unchained’

John Singleton was in studio to talk about Black History Month. During the interview George asked about Quentin Tarantino's Oscar-nominated film 'Django Unchained'.

John spoke about Spike Lee's comments regarding the film and slavery, the film's use of the N-word, his friendship with Quentin Tarantino and a surprising connection to 'Django Unchained' that he's never told a TV audience before.

John's full interview is airing on the show February 28.

In this clip, John talks about...

Spike Lee

"Spike and I are friends. I'm friends with Quentin too. He didn't feel slavery should be used as a thing to, as a milieu to tell... that's his personal point of view. I feel like the picture is a good picture. It's a western...Spike has a valid point in terms of slavery as a milieu...but you know I'm not one of those people who's involved in like saying what movie people can't make...I can make a movie about anything."

Whether the use of the N-word in 'Django Unchained' bothered him

"No. Because I've used that word. And several people have used that word before. I feel like the filmmaker should be able to do that. I've used the word 'cracker'...and I don't want anybody to get pissed off at me.
A lot of black people, they love the movie and also don't like the movie because somebody black didn't make it."

Quentin Tarantino

"Everybody knows Quentin has kind of a fetish. He has an African American fetish because of the way he grew up. His mother used to date brothers. And and they weren't like Sidney Poitier brothers...she used to date N's."

'Django Unchained'

"He's very influenced by B movies. His films aren't serious. 'Django' is not a serious movie. It's a western. Westerns are not supposed to be serious it's supposed to be entertainment... But what he messed with is it's done in a very serious milieu."


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