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Joe Cornish On Steven Spielberg’s ‘E.T.’

In 2011, British director Joe Cornish released his first feature, 'Attack the Block,' about a group of South London teenagers who defend their turf against an alien invasion. In this clip, Joe describes the agony of waiting to see American movies, and explains why he first saw 'E.T.' in a UK tabloid.

He's on the show tonight, along with singer Lionel Richie.

Joe Cornish: There was this, like, six month gap between a movie being released in America... like, when ET came out, the main tabloid in the UK called The Sun, they sent a court artist to America to draw ET (laughs), and then publish this sketch of him, because they weren't allowed to publish photos. Yeah, and, when I was at school, like, if a kid's parents were rich enough to go to take the kid to America on holiday, they'd come back talking about this film called "Star Wars", and man, it was as if they'd been to another dimension.