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Jessica Paré On Mad Men Season 7: Violence And Despair Are Coming “Closer And Closer”

The swinging '60s are coming to a close on Mad Men, and Jessica Paré, who plays the character Megan Draper, hinted that things are going to take a darker turn when the show's seventh season debuts in April.

"I think it’s sort of an end of an innocence that America had and a sort of feeling of naiveté that they had about themselves," said Paré during a recent George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight interview. "And in the end of the '60s in the last season that we did on Mad Men, you kind of feel this unrest burbling up and becoming a little bit more present and it's now invading these characters' lives in a way that it hadn’t necessarily been before. Like, the violence and despair was all pretty far from these people’s lives. And now it’s coming closer and closer."

George also unearthed footage of Paré riding a horse when she was 12.

"What?!" said Paré. "I don’t know where it's from. I’ve never seen that in my life. I remember being on Victor. We used to ride a lot and I loved it. I don’t remember that. But I was so cute, right?"

He then asked Paré if she was any good at horse riding.

"I loved it," she replied. "I don’t know that I was that good at it. I started riding young enough and so I was small enough that they could put me on the bad ponies when I learned to ride. These really evil ponies where you’d be going to take a jump and they’d just stop in front of the jump and you’d flip over. And I did that a few times for sure. But I don’t know if that qualifies as good."

Season seven of Mad Men premieres April 17 on AMC. George's interview with Jessica Paré airs in April.