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Jason Priestley On ‘90210’

'90210' gave Jason Priestley his big break. In this clip, Jason talks about getting together with some of the '90210' cast for a recent commercial paying homage to the show and one of its famous story lines. He also talks about how lost he felt when '90210' first went off the air.

Jason is currently starring in Season 3 of HBO Canada's 'Call Me Fitz'.

In this clip, Jason says...

"You have to be able to laugh at yourself and make fun of yourself."

"After the show ended for me, I personally was a little bit lost...I just floundered."

"But when that show ended I didn't reset fast enough."

On the 90210 "reunion" commercial
"It was fun, when they first approached all of us about doing that thing we all jumped on it and had a good time with it. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and make fun of yourself....The three of us hadn't worked together in 15 years. It was fun. We had a good day at work and it was a big pay day."


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