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Jane Goodall On Faith And The Afterlife

Jane Goodall describes how, in a rather unexpected way, the Holy Bible can sometimes inspire her work - and how spending time in the jungle has informed her sense of the afterlife...

In the clip, Jane shares her personal reflections:

Jane's Childhood Bible Box

'There's a little Bible box that I made for my grandmother when I was 12 (it's got little text from all throughout the Bible and I've read it all), and three times - when I was feeling grumpy about having to go out on the road again, I picked the same one out of hundreds. It said 'He who has once set his hand to the ploughshare and set it back is not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven'. And my sister said (to me) 'Off you go!'

The Afterlife

'I can't believe that when we disappear we're gone forever. There's something. I don't know what it is, but you get that feeling when you're out in the forest, you really do.

What Keeps Jane Going

'When I think of how we've harmed the planet since I was the age of my youngest grandson, 9. it's shocking. It's awful. So I have to keep on going, don't I?'