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Jan Wong On Feeling “Betrayed” By The Globe And Mail

Jan Wong is an award-winning journalist and worked as a reporter for The Globe and Mail for more than 20 years. But after The Globe apologized for her coverage of the 2006 Dawson College shootings in Montreal, she began to experience depression which turned into a two-year struggle between her employer and her health insurer that eventually got her fired. She wrote about the experience in her new, self-published book called 'Out of the Blue: A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness.'

She's in the red chair tonight, along with skateboarding pioneer Stacy Peralta and rock journalist Stephen Davis.

On the unwritten rules of the newsroom:
We have a deal in the newsroom, it's not in writing, and the deal is we want you to go to New York City within hours of the Twin Towers being demolished. We want you to run there. We didn't know at the time whether there would be more terrorist attacks, but I'd go. Every journalist they sent went. They all go, we all go. It's Tiananmen Square? Do you cover it, or do you get evacuated with every other Canadian? No, of course not; you cover it, that's your job. We go in the same direction as the soldiers and the police, and all we have is a pen, we don't have a bullet-proof vest. So the deal is, if you publish it, don't turn around and say, "Um, it was her, we had nothing to do with it." That's just not on. You can do that, but I feel bad. So I'm allowed to feel bad. I feel betrayed.