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More From James Moore

More from George's conversation with the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore, who opens up about his life as a newly married man and reflects on the passing of his mother.

One Being a 'Small-C Conservative':

James Moore says that while there is a range of views among conservatives, there is no doubt that he closely identifies with the right on the political spectrum:

"I'm a conservative, I'm a small-c conservative. I believe in lower taxes, less government, and personal freedom and responsibility. Within that broad phrase and sentiment are certainly areas of disagreement, but I'm a conservative."

He goes on to say that since he was first elected to Parliament at age 24, he's realized that answers are rarely limited to yes or no: "You're full of energy and you're sure about thing, but what you realize is there is black and there is white, but there are a thousand shades of grey, and that's more often than not where answers to difficult questions are found. But on some issues I am black and white, and I am quite conservative."