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Jake Gyllenhaal: “I Happen To Work With People That Inspire Me”

Jake Gyllenhaal has had a diverse career, starring in celebrated movies like Brokeback Mountain, cult hits like Donnie Darko and romantic comedies like Love and Other Drugs. His last two movies, Prisoners and Enemy, were both directed by Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. 

When Gyllenhaal was in the red chair he talked about how he chooses projects and why he decided to make back-to-back films with Villeneuve.

"I happen to work with people that inspire me," he said.

"If you have any wisdom whatsoever, you know to follow where there is great energy. And that's what I did with Denis. When we did Enemy, I said, 'This guy has great energy. We vibe on each other. I gotta go with this.'

"I don't know what this movie's about. But I know this energy. And I know this energy is success somewhere. Creative success. And that's first and foremost to me... And when you watch that as an audience, it's infectious."

Jake Gyllenhaal's interview with George airs Wednesday, March 5, 2014 on CBC.