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Scott McGillivray
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Income Property's Scott McGillivray joined George to talk about his new book, How To Add Value To Your Home.

While in the red chair, McGillivray spoke about his first home, and the genesis of his TV show. 

"In my first home that I actually purchased, I built this nice little basement apartment, I moved into it, and I rented out the whole house upstairs. That allowed me to live there for free — because that's all I could afford. And the tenants upstairs were paying for all the expenses: the mortgage, the insurance, the taxes.

"That idea starting catching on with my friends, my neighbours and family members. I started helping other people build income suites. And that's sort of where the show grew out of."

Scott McGillivray's Twyla Project: Part 3 (2013) — Youtube.com/ScottMcGillivray
The Money Pit (1986) — Amblin Entertainment, U-Drive Productions, Universal Pictures