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R.H. Thomson
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Canadian actor R.H. Thomson has appeared in everything from Road to Avonlea to Adam Egoyan's thriller Chloe.

Now he's embarked on The World Remembers, an ambitious project to honour each of the more than nine million soldiers who died in the First World War.

He spoke with George about the scale and scope of the Great War. 

"You start to open a door on history and it all pours out. The First World War, they say, if you put your toe in, you go into your ankle, then you're up to your knee and you never get out.

"That war actually changed history. Your family, my family, our families were used as cannon fodder. And when we say 68,000 Canadians were killed, or nine-and-a-half million overall were killed, it becomes a number or a piece of informaiton. And the question becomes: how do I make that into an experience that you start breathing slower, going, 'that's what nine million means?'"

Moonlighting (1987) — ABC Circle Films, Picturemaker Productions
Judge (1983) — CBC
Gordon Pinsent in '15 Miles of Broken Glass' (1966) — CBC Still Photo Collection/Roy Martin & Michael Reichmann
Gordon Pinsent (2000) — CBC Still Photo Collection/Brooke Palmer