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Mike Holmes
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TV handyman Mike Holmes stopped by the studio to talk about his newest book, The Holmes Manual. He spoke with George about the idea behind the book.

"Everyone stops me at the airport [and says] 'Can I ask you a question?' And it just seemed to make sense, being the fifth book, let's do a manual.

"And this way, instead of reading the whole book, like a lot of seemed to not want to do anymore, they want the answer now. They go to the internet, they want that answer. And I think that this is just the opportunity for them."

He also talked about a realization he had about the pace of his work when he was visiting his grandchildren.

"Why am I always running? Why am I not seizing the moment? And it kind of clicked into my head after that: I think I'm moving too fast in life. Days are going by very quickly. So I'm trying to tell myself, slow down, smell the roses, enjoy the people around you."