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Toronto Raptors' General Manager Masai Ujiri joined George to talk about the resurgent basketball team and the state of the game in Canada.

George asked Ujiri about how he gets his players to understand that there's more to being a pro than just winning.

"We have to teach them," said Ujiri. "And sometimes these guys don't know. I know sometimes we say, 'Hey, these athletes are paid a lot of money...' but sometimes we don't know that these guys are 21 years old, 22 years old, sometimes 18, 19 years old, they've only been to college maybe one year.

"And so my philosophy, honestly, when I became a GM was, 'Yeah, you get burned sometimes, but how do you mentor them?' Like, how do you lead them?

"I sat down at the start of the season with [Raptors star] Kyle Lowry and said, 'I don't want to see you not succeed' ... when you can be a multimillion dollar player and you're now a minimum player because of body language, or attitude or questioning authority, or those little things. Nobody has ever questioned your basketball. How can that part there stop you from taking care of your family for many years?"