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Malcolm Gladwell
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Author Malcolm Gladwell was in the red chair this week to talk about his new book, David and Goliath; Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants — although Macklemore's tribute song and Gladwell's youthful misadventures came up as well.

George also asked Gladwell about his ability to occasionally provoke people. 

"You do not want to be cornered by me at a cocktail party," Gladwell said. "It's just the worst. It's a really bad idea.

"I grew up in small-town Ontario. I now live in New York. I have a massive chip on my shoulder, the best kind of chip. A chip is a terrible thing to waste." 


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform at X Games
Munich, 2013

Jim Balsillie from The Hour
April 2008

A)Eleanor Wachtel with Malcolm Gladwell
McGill University, Montreal
for ''Writers & Company'
airing on CBC Radio One

Woody Allen/Marshall McLuhan scene
Annie Hall
Rollins-Joffe Productions, United Artists

Debate Team:
Malcolm Gladwell, Grant Snider, Terry Martin, Mr. Weidner, Mr. Exley, Bruce Headlam and Richard Boyne
Provided by Bill Exley

Owen Egan
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Bill Waldman
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