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Lance Corporal Cassidy Little
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In 2011, Lance Corporal Cassidy Little, currently serving with the British Marines, lost his right leg when his friend stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. The Canadian soldier is also a stand-up comedian and actor, and recently starred in the title role of the play The Two World of Charlie F.

He spoke with George about the part that acting played in his recovery.

"Recovery takes a long time," he said. "It just dawned on me when I was injured that if I wasn't careful, I was just going to sit back and play the Xbox for who knows how long, and just get lost in, like my father would say, lost in that darkness.

"So they said to me, there's some kind of artsy fartsy thing going on in the other room, and they said, 'Do you want to be involved with it?', and I said, 'Yeah.'"

He also showed George the prosthetic leg he received at Headley Court, a military rehabilitation facility.

"It's science fiction, man. The Enterprise is nothing in comparison. I've got a leg here.... There's three suspensions on here!"

Theatre of War (2012) — BBC