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Judy Greer
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Judy Greer, the character actor best known for her roles in comedies like Arrested Development and Archer was in the red chair to talk about her new book I Don't Know What You Know Me From.

Greer also talked about the first time she ever saw a cellular phone, as well as who taught her about text messaging.

"Another technology tidbit about my life is Jennifer Garner taught me how to text message on the set of 13 Going On 30," said Greer. "She was pressing her buttons and I was, like, 'What are you doing?' She's like, 'Telling someone to do a thing...' I was like, 'How?'"

She also talked about how she thought the bawdy cartoon Archer would never get on television.

"The whole script, when I read it I didn't think was ever going to be on television. 'Cause I was like, it's too dirty, it's too terrible and it's too smart and funny."