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Jeff Tweedy
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In 2011, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy sat down with George to talk about the state of the music industry and the new label he launched that year, dBpm Records.

At one point, George asked him about how he's matured as an artist and in the industry.

"I really did not expect much out of this business or out of getting to make records. And I'm honest when I say that. My heroes, the bands that I worshipped, a lot of them never had anything close to what I've managed, how I've managed to make my life. Originally, the idea was, if I got in a van and toured and got to put records out on an independent label, I would have been very very happy with that."

Tweedy also spoke about the connections between personal problems and making great art.

"I've struggled with the idea of the tortured artist a lot in my life. I've been through addiction, I've been through periods of pretty serious depression and anxiety.... And I don't personally subscribe to that idea. In fact I think it's a very damaging mythology that has grown up around the idea of art being a product of pain. As opposed to being something that's created in spite of pain. I look at it that way.

"The part of me that was able to create, managed to create in spite of the problems I was having."