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Derek Lee and Clif Prowse
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Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, the creators and stars of the chilling new film Afflicted, talked about the film while in the red chair.

The pair got to screen their film at the Toronto International Film Festival. It was a big deal for them.

"All of a sudden we're at one of the biggest film festivals in the world," said Prowse. "Y'know, doing the red carpet thing, at a party and there's Keanu Reeves, and you're like, 'This is weird... but kinda awesome.'

"And then sitting in the theatre with a thousand people who've come to see your film and the reaction was great."

"Like, a guy passed out," added Lee. "Which luckily he was OK. That's like a badge of honour for any horror director. Like, oh great! We actually caused physical pain. Wait... that's not cool."