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GST S3: Episode 39 - Jason Priestley And Vicki Lawrence

There are two great guests in the red chair on Thursday: Jason Priestley found fame as Brandon Walsh on 90210. Since then, he's become an accomplished director, and he's back on a regular series with 'Call Me Fitz,' now in its third season on HBO Canada. His character is no Brandon, though: he's one of the rudest, crudest anti-heroes on TV. And Vicki Lawrence, another well-known TV actor, is also in the red chair. Vicki came to fame on 'The Carol Burnett Show' and its spin-off 'Mama's Family.' She also had a successful recording career and a talk show. Now Vicki's touring theatres with her own stage show: 'Vicki Lawrence and Mama: A Two Woman Show.' And Ugandan standup comedian Arthur Simeon will join our comedy panel.


THE BIO: Jason Priestley

THE BIO: Vicki Lawrence