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GST S3: Episode 26 - Cheryl Strayed And Paul Brandt

We kick off the week with the remarkable story of Cheryl Strayed. 17 years ago, her life was off the rails. She'd lost her mother to cancer, her marriage fell apart, and she started doing heroin. Eventually, she went on grueling three month hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, where she encountered bears, rattlesnakes, intense heat and dehydration. But even tougher was the mental and emotional journey. Cheryl tells the story in her memoir, 'Wild'. It became a national best-seller, the film rights have been optioned by Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah picked it to resurrect her latest Book Club. We've also got country star Paul Brandt in the red chair. Ten years ago, Paul asked for a release from his lucrative record contract so he could move back to Alberta and start his own label. Since then, he's released five albums and won countless awards for his music and his humanitarian work. Plus, author, humourist and radio personality Jonathan Goldstein ('This American Life', 'Wire Tap') joins our 'Three Things' panel.



THE BIO: Cheryl Strayed

THE BIO: Paul Brandt