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GST S3: Episode 144 - Steve Earle

Musician Steve Earle is in the red chair. Steve's been through a lot in his life - he lost a couple of years to addiction, and there was a time when he was sort of a one-man crime wave: Jail time, arrests and charges ranging from weapons and drugs to assault. To top it off, you could almost field a baseball team with the number of women who call him their ex-husband. But in 1995, Steve staged the mightiest of comebacks: sober and clear-eyed, he transformed himself into a protest singer in the grand tradition of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Now Steve's got a new record, called 'The Low Highway'. Plus our Panel features the awesomeness of Darcy Michael.


THE BIO: Steve Earle

PHOTO: Steve Earle With George Backstage