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GST S3: Episode 131 - Amber Marshall And Lyriq Bent

Great actors in the red chair. Amber Marshall, star of CBC's 'Heartland', is up first. After six years on the show, you'd expect Amber to love horses - but her passion for animals started way before 'Heartland'. She is a former vet's assistant, and she's been riding since a very young age. She'll talk about how her role on the show unites her two loves: horses and acting. And Canadian actor Lyriq Bent joins us to talk about his career in film and TV. With roles in 'Saw IV', 'The Life and Times of Guy Terrifico', and countless TV shows including 'Rookie Blue' and 'CSI: Miami', Lyriq has lived through a lot. George has been waiting to get him in the red chair for a while. He's finally here. And our Panel features the very funny Mark Forward, from CBC's 'Mr. D'.


THE BIO: Amber Marshall

THE BIO: Lyriq Bent