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GST S3: Episode 130 - Jared Leto And Kate Mara

Two talented people in the red chair. First up: Jared Leto, actor, musician, and now - director. His band 30 Seconds to Mars has seen lots of success, but when the group found itself in a battle with record label Virgin, Jared decided to turn the camera on the story. The result is a documentary called 'Artifact'. Also in the red chair, actor Kate Mara. Kate's latest role is opposite Kevin Spacey in the Netflix original series 'House of Cards'. She'll get into the audition process, hanging out in L.A. with her sister Rooney, and some of her earliest roles... Much to her surprise. Plus, the Panel features 'Kids in the Hall' legend Scott Thompson.


THE BIO: Jared Leto

THE BIO: Kate Mara