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‘Glee’ Star Darren Criss On His Encounters With Glenn Beck and President Obama

'Glee' is more than a TV show - it's become a bit of a pop culture phenomenon, and it's caused Darren Criss to cross paths with some major characters from across the political spectrum. In this clip, Darren shares the surprising advice he got from Barack Obama when he was invited to the White House, and his reaction when he learned that Glenn Beck passionately hates 'Glee.'

You can catch Darren in the new film 'Imogene' with Kristen Wiig, coming soon...

On singing for Obama:
"Pink was scheduled to sing for [Obama]. And she unfortunately got some kind of stomach flu or something, so she was in the hospital. And I was kind of flabbergasted, 'cause I was like, what kind of Rolodex do they have in the White House where they're like, OK, 'Pink....what's next? DARREN."

The BIO: Darren Criss

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