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Famke Janssen Is Definitely (Maybe) In ‘The Wolverine’ (And Definitely In ‘Hemlock Grove’)

Fan favourite Famke Janssen recently sat down with George to talk about her new role on 'Hemlock Grove'. In this clip, Famke reveals that she's not exactly a fan of blood... but don't tell that to series creator Eli Roth.

We also hear the latest on her involvement with 'The Wolverine'.

If you're a horror fan, and can stomach the grisly scenes, all 13 episodes of 'Hemlock Grove' hit Netflix April 19.

In this clip, Famke talks about...

Being so scared of blood that she forgets she's on television

George: You've been in all of these projects that are super fan boy, fan girly, and they weren't things that you were overly interested in growing up, were they?

Famke: No, and it's still honestly not the genre that I turn to. I mean, the only time I've actually loved what's considered a horror movie was The Shining. But I think for most people, who like the gore and all that kind of stuff, they really wouldn't watch that. But The Shining I've watched a hundred times... But yeah, generally no, I don't like violence. I'm really squeamish, I don't like violence, I don't like gore, I'm scared of blood. If I have to go to the doctor they can take one vial, it's a total negotiation.

GS: What if they need two?

FJ: No, then I have to come back a month later! I don't do it, I can't. I'm really scared of blood!

GS: Does Eli Roth know you're afraid of blood? Because he kind of gets off on that..

FJ: Yeah, don't tell him, exactly. I'm more... I also have... no, I don't even want to talk about it! Ah, I'm regretting...

GS: What!

FJ: It's just like, we're talking, and I forgot that I'm on television!

GS: You're not on television, it's Canada.

Her (possible) role in the upcoming 'The Wolverine'

GS: Where are we at with the new Wolverine?

FJ: I hear I'm in it! I'm in the trailer as it turns out. Even though all of this time I've been saying I wasn't in the movie, turns out I am in the movie. I really never lied...

GS: You just didn't know?

FJ: No, I did!

GS: Were you just trying to dodge everything?

FJ: Yes!

GS: Why!

FJ: I was supposed to!

GS: That's what they told you?

FJ: Yeah, something like that, but it's all good. Because now I'm in the trailer, I think that means I'm in the movie, I think that's safe to say.

GS: I'm pretty sure they wouldn't cut you out of the film

FJ: I don't think I've been cut out of the movie, but I haven't seen it yet...

GS: But you're in the trailer... but the trailer could lie..

FJ: The trailer could lie! One never knows. Don't believe what you see or hear!


THE BIO: Famke Janssen

PHOTO: Famke Janssen, Donal Logue And George Backstage