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Eric McCormack Once Played The Olsen Twins’ Father. Now A Picture Of Mary-Kate Olsen Is Grossing Him

'Perception' actor and former star of Will & Grace Eric McCormack talks about turning 50, and reacts to a recent photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and her boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy.

In this clip, Eric talks about...

Seeing a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen with her boyfriend
"But there's a picture early on of one of the Olsen girls with her boyfriend, and he's easily 50. He might be 55. And it's so... They're at a basketball game and he's leaning over and kissing her and she has a look on her face like 'holy s---, my boyfriend's 55!' Look it up, it's the creepiest, creepiest shot I've ever seen in People magazine."

THE BIO: Eric McCormack

Photo: Eric McCormack backstage with George

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