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Dominic Monaghan On Shooting Lord Of The Rings

When Dominic Monaghan landed a role in the Lord of the Rings franchise, he embarked on an epic adventure to New Zealand for several pretty formative years. After playing in fantasy land during the shooting of the trilogy, what was it like to have to return to reality? In this clip, Dominic talks about readjusting to life in L.A. after wrapping his role as Merry Brandybuck.

Dominic is in the red chair tonight with writer Calvin Trillin.

In this clip, Dom talks about...

Returning from New Zealand:
"I kind of got a little lost in L.A. for awhile -- drinking and drugs, and the wrong -- well, maybe the right women, just at the wrong time."

Lunchtime on set:
"On Lord of the Rings, when we had lunch -- it's a really interesting thing about human societies. There was a large group of people having lunch -- 300 or 400 people -- all the elves sat together. All the orcs sat together. All the Uruk-hai sat together. The hobbits."