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David Suzuki On Why He Resigned From His Own Charity

In this clip, David Suzuki talks about the reasons he needed to leave the Foundation that bears his name, how not thinking about sex has helped him see more clearly, and the idea that environmentalism, as a whole, has "fundamentally failed".

David's on the program tonight, along with hockey players P.K. Subban and Jordan Subban.

In this clip, David talks about...

Not thinking about sex
"Well I resigned over six months ago now, because, you know, at my age - this is a very, the most important part of my life. One of the things I've found is, is as I get older my testosterone levels drop, and you know, I'm getting smarter! Because I'm not thinking about sex all the time, and I now see why my wife wins all our arguments, because they're not clouded by all this other stuff, right?"

Encouraging his fellow elders to speak to the young
"So I'm telling my fellow elders, 'get off the golf courses, and start talking to young people, start going over your life and sharing some of that knowledge of our, of our elders".

Why he had to resign
"Because every time I start sharing my knowledge, I start criticizing government, politicians. You can't do that if you are a charity. And I keep saying, this is a civil society, I am a citizen, I have the right to express as an individual, my uh, my rights. But then you have the right wing that say, oh, you see that, Suzuki - the Foundation has my name - Suzuki is indulging in political activity".