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David Sutcliffe On Hollywood And ‘Gilmore Girls’

David Sutcliffe was in studio to talk about the new CBC series 'Cracked'. The hour-long crime drama is filmed and set in Toronto and follows a group of detectives and mental health professionals based in the Psych Crimes Unit as they investigate psychologically complex crimes and respond to crises.

The show premieres January 8, 2013 at 9 pm on CBC Television.

In this clip, David talks about...

It's the big leagues and that's what I went there for. I wanted to take some cuts in the big leagues. I wanted to swing the bat and see what it felt like. It's intense, it's hardcore, it's cut throat but it's also incredibly creative. There's a lot of really generous, kind people, I got a lot of support there. But it is a system entirely built on making the making of money... but there did come a point in time where I really wanted my life to be about something more than that.

Gilmore Girls
It was an amazing experience, seven years on a show that is kind of a cultural phenomenon... the fan base is passionate, dedicated, it was an amazing to be a part of that and the visceral response from the audience around that show... you're kinda the dad who left and went away... I would see young women come up to me in the street and they'd be shaking and they'd kind of hold this place where they know I'm an actor, they know its not me and yet they have this association with this character. And then unconsciously probably with their own father and so they're almost in a daze and in those moments I realize the power of this show.


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