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David Sedaris: “I Wish Gay Marriage Was Legal Everywhere But That No Gay People Would Act On It”

Author David Sedaris tells George Stroumboulopoulos about his parents' time as landlords (or, as he puts it, "slum lords"), explains why most landlords will always pick the gay tenant, and then discusses gay marriage.

David's ideal for gay marriage? It's legal everywhere, but no gay people actually do it. Because, he says, no one likes going to weddings.

His latest book is called 'Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls'. It's out now.

In this clip, David talks about...

Gay marriage and his hopes for it

"See, I wish that gay marriage would be legal everywhere, but that no gay people would act on it. because, look. nobody wants to go to anybody's wedding. it's just true. nobody wants to get on a plane, go halfway across the country, and wear clothes that they don't feel comfortable in, and choose between the beef and the chicken, and sit in a loud room where a horrible band is playing way too loud, and they're getting their picture taken....nobody wants that. so i wish that gay people would fight for the right to get married, and not one of them would do it."


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