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David Chase Talks Working With James Gandolfini And The Sopranos Dialogue Secret

David Chase was in studio to talk about his new film 'Not Fade Away', a love letter to rock n roll of the 60's. Chase cast James Gandolfini in the film and admits the two haven't spoken much since 'The Sopranos' ended, and why Gandolfini had difficulty going to such a dark place in order to play 'Tony Soprano' on television. Chase also discusses the fun he had with 'The Sopranos' and more importantly reveals a secret to writing dialogue for his iconic HBO show. (Hint, 'George Costanza' would be proud).

In this clip, David talks about...

Working with James Gandolfini again

George Stroumboulopoulos: I suppose you know the moment you make a film, your first film and you're bringing James Gandolfini there's gonna be that thing. People are gonna go oh you guys are back together again. The time in between the end of The Sopranos and this did you have a lot of contact?

David Chase: No we did not. I had contact with other people on the show. But he and I really didn't have any contact at all.

GS: Just because?

DC: We both had enough of each other. He had enough of me. It was very difficult for him in the end. We just had enough.

GS: The end the end?

DC: No, I mean the last...the whole show is difficult for him. Because he is not, I mean 'Tony Soprano' must be a part of his personality there must be something there to tap into. But he's also a soft kind of a hippie kind of a guy and all the brutality and cruelty I think , the unending cruelty got to him. And he had to go to a dark place to get there and he got tired of doing it.

GS: So you make the call and say hey I got this movie? And he's like sure no problem?

DC: No, I said would you be interested in doing it? And he said of course I have to read it. And he read it and said are you sure you want to do this with me? I never thought you'd ever want to work with me again number one. And number two, are you sure this isn't too early for us to be working together. Is this gonna be good for the movie for both of us to be associated with this. People will pick on that and people will find a problem with it.

GS: They can't after they watch it, he's unbeleivable.

DC: Well he always is, you know.

On the secret to writing dialogue for The Sopranos

GS: What was the effect on you having to constantly go to that dark place and take the show that had so much attention and constantly work that?

DC: I had a blast. I really enjoyed it. I used to love writing those characters. I used to just really enjoyed it. They used to made me laugh.
The thing about The Sopranos was, most every line of dialogue you wrote, the truth was opposite. When Tony Soprano said anything he usually meant just the reverse. If 'Pauly Walnut' said something he meant just the reverse. They're always lying to each other, always deluding themselves and each other. And just writing that way was fun. Cause you know, it was...bullshit. And to see people convincing themselves that there bullshit is real.


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