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Dana White on How MMA can Stop Bullies and Muggers

President and co-owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White talks about the recent controversy in Toronto over bringing a UFC community outreach program to public schools, and tells the story of a mugger who picked the wrong victim.

In this clip, Dana talks about...

Teaching kids mixed martial arts

DW: Listen, what people don't realize, and a lot of people are uneducated about Mixed Martial Arts and what it really is - when you and I were growing up, your parents would put you in karate or Tae Kwon Do? This is it, this is the new martial art. This is what kids are taking , this is what women take, it's what men take. I think martial arts training is incredible for anybody. This is what the military trains in, the police departments. I mean, this is the new martial art. When you can defend yourself, you're going to get bullied a lot less, I can tell you that.

GS: Let me show you a picture of this guy; we did a story about this the other day in the air... some mugger picked a fight with some UFC guy, and this is his face. This is the guy who lost...

DW: I love this! I just met this guy yesterday in Chicago... this guy is just a regular guy. This is what we're talking about. This is a guy who trains in Mixed Martial Arts. He lives in Chicago. He's sitting in his car, a gunman walks up to his car and says "give me your money". The guy give him his money, then he wants his wallet and they're exchanging words. The mugger gets mad at the guy, tells him to get out of the car. And he cocks the gun. Oops was get out of the car. He gets out of the car, and they start to fight. And he beats this guy; the mugger starts saying to him, 'Please stop! I have children!' What?!?!"