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Dan Aykroyd Explains Why He Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

Dan's always had a connection with the paranormal (he's one of the minds behind the 'Ghostbusters' movies, he appeared on the Canadian TV show 'Psi Factor', and his Crystal Head vodka is inspired by his fascination with crystal skulls).

It turns out that connection began early in life. Dan tells the story of the family farm where he grew up, and the family members who took an interest in, or experienced firsthand, paranormal and psychic activity.

In this clip, Dan talks about...

His family's relationship with the paranormal
"Well my great grandfather Sam Aykroyd who was a dentist in Kingston was also a psychic researcher. That's where 'Ghostbusters' comes from. The old farmhouse was where we had seances, and entities would come through - according to my dad, and my uncle and my grandmother and grandfather, I never saw any of it. But all that stuff was around sort of subliminally. And we had our own trance medium, his head would go back and he'd start speaking Mandarin. And he didn't speak Mandarin, he had a grade 12 education."

His skeptical mother's paranormal experience
"My mom apparently had one: just after I was born, she was nursing me upstairs in the farmhouse, and she kind of woke up and saw a young couple standing at the end of the bed, and she cried out for my dad, and the couple vanished, and then they hauled out an old family album and it was my great-grandfather Sam and Ellen Jane. They'd come to welcome the baby to the farmhouse. This is her story anyway, and my Mom - she's a skeptic."


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