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Corey Hart On The First Time He Saw Cocaine And Whether He Snorted Or Not

Corey Hart knows what it's like when fame becomes absolute mayhem.

At 21, he was a phenomenon in this country: a singer with the right voice, the right look, hit songs and girls screaming with his every move.

And when you're a superstar that young, you're exposed to a lifestyle you're often not prepared for.

In this clip, Corey tells George about the first time he saw cocaine.

"I was 17, I was in Long Island, and I'm not going to say anything more about the artists... super-famous... and these guys were seeing who could snort from one end to the other (of the console in the recording studio)... and they looked over to me and go 'okay Corey, you're up' and I was like 'up for what?' and it was like 'here's your shot' and I was like 'I don't do drugs' and I've never done drugs"

By the way, Corey has re-recorded his 1988 song, 'Truth Will Set You Free', changed some of the lyrics, and made it an anthem for the LGBT community.


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