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Cobie Smulders On How Robin Scherbatsky Became Canadian

By now, we all know that Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother is Canadian. But not everyone knows how she got that way. In this clip, Cobie Smulders talks about the producers' decision to make Robin Canadian, and how it didn't reeeeeeeally turn out as Cobie was expecting.

She'll be in the red chair tonight, along with the RIght Honourable Michaëlle Jean and her husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond.

On playing to Canadian stereotypes:
"I worry that Canadians are somewhat insulted by what I say on the show at times. Because I kind of am! I'm like, OK guys, let's tone it down a bit. But my prayer and my hope is that all Canadians think that it's funny, and are complimented... They came to me and they said -- second season, they said -- we're thinking about making Robin a Canadian. And I said, OK. And they said, we think that it's exotic. And I was like....never been called that in my life. But sure! Sure. Let's do it."