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Chuck Palahniuk: “I Really Do Prefer Journalistic Writers”

When Chuck Palahniuk was in the red chair he explained why he prefered writers who had journalism experience.

According to the Fight Club and, most recently, Doomed writer, it's all got to do with the ability to tell stories.

"I think there are two types of writers, at least in North America," said Palahniuk in this exclusive web clip. "One is the writer-writer who comes up through academia and maybe can write like crazy and knows everything about writing. But they have very little access to story. Typically they've only got their own story, they've got a memoir. Or they've got one great book and that's it.

"And the other type of writer that I tend to move toward are writers who come up through journalism. And they write very simply, they're not very showboat writers, but they tend to have a really great ear for stories. And they recognize a fantastic story the moment they hear it. And they file it away and they find a way to turn that story into a larger story. So they're really great listeners and they're really great plainspoken writers. And I really do prefer the journalistic writers. That's what I am. My degree is in journalism."

The ability to identify a story isn't the only reason why Palahniuk likes journalism-trained writers. He also appreciates the skills it builds.

"It's studying journalism as a way of kind of studying listening," he said. "And it's also developing a discipline so that you spell correctly, that you meet deadlines... and tenacity, that you constantly come back to this task that can be so unpleasant and so unrewarding most of the time."

To see Chuck Palahniuk's full interview with George go here. George Stroumboulopous Tonight airs weeknights at 7 pm and 11:30 pm.


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