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Carol Alt On How Her New Found Health Connects Her With Her Late Father

After some serious struggles with her health, Carol Alt discovered the raw food movement. She credits her commitment to clean, simple eating with helping her turn her body around. But for Carol, whose father passed away in the '80s, her discovery was bittersweet. In this clip, Carol reflects on how her new knowledge might have helped her father when he was still alive.

Carol Alt is in the red chair tonight, along with Marc Lewis, Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and music from Patrick Watson.

"There's nothing I miss because in the raw food world, if you just type it in on a computer and you write 'raw food,' it's like literally, a parallel universe. You like peanut butter cups? I can give you raw peanut butter cups. You like ice cream? I can give you raw ice cream."

"I just think I could have made [my father's] life a lot more pleasant. 'Cause toward the end it was really bad. My father was a fireman. He went into buildings. He didn't send his men in, he led his men in. He was a chief, and he went in first."