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Buffy Sainte-Marie: Musician, Activist And Educator

Musician, activist and educator Buffy Sainte-Marie, whose remarkable life story is told in a new biography called 'It's My Way', explains why she feels greed, not racism, is the biggest challenge faced today by Aboriginal Peoples.

In this clip, Buffy talks about...

The Exploitation of Aboriginal Communities for Natural Resources:
The problem isn't racism. The problem is greed. Who hates Indians because we're brown or wear feathers? Nobody. It's about greed. It used to be about the gold rush. Now it's about uranium water.

Buffy also speaks for the first time on television about ...

The Abuse She Suffered as a Child:
There were bullies in the neighbourhood and bullies in the house. There were pedophiles in the neighbourhood and pedophiles in the house.

A little child doesn't know how to talk about that. I didn't know what to tell my mother. In those days, parents - it wouldn't occur to them. No one ever talked about child abuse in those days. So it was just a quiet little sorrow for me. I made the best of it: colouring and making music.

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