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Bruce Greenwood On Surviving A Real Life Plane Crash, And The Secrets Of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Bruce Greenwood was in studio to talk about the Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand release of "Flight" also starring Denzel Washington. Greenwood talks about what it was like to survive an actual plane crash as a teenager, his role in the upcoming film 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and why he's forbidden to reveal any secrets of the anticipated sci fi film.

In this clip, Bruce talks about...

Surviving a plane crash:
It was weird... we came in this small plane, one of my best friends, his dad was the pilot and didn't have a ton of hours, but enough. We slammed into the water...ripped the wings off and sank....the doors opened and the plane filled with water, it's upside down. I'm hanging upside down from my seatbelt and watching the water come up...and I'm thinking do I scream and maybe live or do I die like a man? Why am I having this conversation? And I started to yell, 'my seat belt, my seat belt , my seat belt'! he came back down...grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pulled me through the seat then I did a movie about a plane crash and it was just a movie!

Star Trek and not divulging details of the upcoming film
George: What it shines a light on is the obvious thing about something like 'Star Trek' because people who know it really, really know it. Were you into it before?
Bruce: That you cannot lie about. Not even a shred of a lie. You can't even indicate you were a little interested in something, no, you cannot lie. No, because they all know all...I know nothing....I did tons of research but ya know this is not, these guys spend a life doing research on this. You can't, I know a little...
Look it, the disclaimer we signed is like a phone book.

THE BIO: Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood And George Outside Studio 43 [PHOTO]

Bruce Greenwood And Ed Robertson Backstage [PHOTO]