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BEST STORY EVER: Hodor Is Uncomfortably Exposed On Game Of Thrones Set
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Kristain Nairn is best known as the beloved character Hodor on the series Game of Thrones. But in the first season of the show he had to film a scene that he decidedly didn't love.

"During the filming of season one of Game of Thrones I unfortunately had a nude scene," said Nairn.

"I had a huge prosthetic penis strapped on to me in a very, very uncomfortable way. The (fake) public hair was plotted into my own pubic hair and glued... so for weeks later I would be finding pieces of prosthetic penis attached to my own." 

The story got worse as Nairn had to deal with hundreds of onlookers, loud, rutting pheasants nearby and a power outage.

Then it started to rain...

Game of Thrones Season 3 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.