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BEST STORY EVER: Guillermo Del Toro Meets The President Of Mexico, And His Stomach Does The Talking
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Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro shares his Best Story Ever: when he was a young director, he got the chance to screen a film for the President of Mexico.

Unfortunately, a meal his wife made for him that day didn't agree with him, meaning the entire screening included some unintended extra sound effects. Not the best thing for his budding career in film - but he's done okay for himself in the long run.

Guillermo's new movie is called 'Pacific Rim', and it features giant monsters, giant robots, and as far as we know, zero stomach ailments. It's in theatres this Friday, July 12.

UPDATE: Looks like anticipation is strong for 'Pacific Rim' - the studios behind the film just announced it will be opening a day early, with screenings starting at 7 pm tomorrow, Thursday July 11.



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