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Baz Luhrmann Talks Directing Leonardo DiCaprio (20 Years Ago And Now)

'Moulin Rouge' director Baz Luhrmann recently sat down with George to talk about his new film, 'The Great Gatsby'. In this clip, Baz talks about the difference between working with Leonardo DiCaprio way back when he was 19, and now twenty years later.

'The Great Gatsby', which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, and Tobey Maguire is out in 3D on May 10.

In this clip, Baz talks about...

Leo then and now

GS: You've worked with Leo, Leonardo Dicaprio even when he was very young.

BL: He was 19.

GS: Different guy? How has he evolved?

BL: Well, Leonardo, when I first worked with him he was a very gifted young man.

GS: Romeo + Juliet

BL: Ya. You know, time has gone on. He's a friend. His parents are very good friends of mine - I adore them. Now he's a man. I mean he's a man, and he's a man in full command of his life and his powers, and he was a collaborator on this film. I mean he and Tobey Maguire collaborated from day 1, and Tobey's a very good friend of Leonardo's, so we were sort of a collaborative team. He's really mature and deep thinking. The only thing that hasn't changed, in all the time I've known him and I suppose it's 20 years now. I mean... ya, you know, listen... let's not go there

GS: Do you need a hug?

BL: Do you have a bit more lighting in here? In my films we use special effects, you know.

GS: Your films are very bright.

BL: A bit of skin fix. He has always been singularly passionate about acting, and about the planet on which we live, and I think that his credibility and his genuineness, and his decency, and actually the fact that he's so damn lovely, wrapped up in that package, means that he's an easy target to malign, because you think no one can have all that and actually be like a good guy. The sad truth is - he is. I mean - you know, he is just lovely like that. He is a good guy.


THE BIO: Baz Luhrmann

PHOTO: Baz Luhrmann And George Talk Backstage