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Arianna Huffington On Christopher Hitchens, God And Politics

Arianna Huffington talks to George about her longtime relationship with author and intellectual Christopher Hitchens. Their friendship stretched back to Arianna's London days. She says of Chris, "he had this whole adversarial relationship with God...when you lose the battle with life and you don't believe there is anything else, it must make it very hard." She goes on to say that her own spirituality is based on a "deep knowing" about the fact that "absolutely, there is something else," and muses on the possibility of a successful U.S. politician who is openly without a belief in God.

She's on the show tonight, along with actor and comedian Larry Miller.

On Christopher Hitchens and God:
Arianne Huffington:
He was a brain, he was um... I mean he was tragic, because there was this whole, he had this whole adversarial relationship with God, so when you die young, I mean that must be something incredibly hard, when you lose that battle...

On her belief that there is a God:
You know what Carl Jung, the psychologist said when an admirer asked him do you believe in God? He said I don't believe, I know. And I don't mean know intellectually because you can never really know intellectually, but there is that deep knowing you know that we have about things, and that's the kind of knowing that I have about the fact, absolutely there is something else. You think all that for nothing!?

On the possibility of someone becoming U.S. President without faith:
Probably not in the States. Do you think here?