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Andrea Martin On Growing Old With Edith Prickley

When you've been playing a character for, oh, 30 odd years, how does that character change as you get older? SCTV alumna Andrea Martin's currently on tour with her one-woman show, "Everything Must Go" -- a show in which her famous Edith Prickley character comes out to play. In this clip, Andrea (or is that Edith talking? Sometimes it's hard to tell!) talks about how the two of them are coping with growing old.

She'll be on the show tonight, along with author Tom Perrotta.

Andrea Martin:
"People think I look good for my age. That's some condescending bullshit! You look good for your age. You mean if I looked like this and I was younger, you'd be rushing me to the emergency ward?"

"I'm at that awkward age between retirement and a lovely coma. I'm so old, I still think Mel Gibson's a catch. I'm so old, macrame's starting to make sense to me. I'm so old, I remember when the Dead Sea was only sick, but that ain't stopping me."