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Amanda Lang Thinks Business Is Good For The World… But The Banks? Not So Much

Amanda Lang, co-host of 'The Lang & O'Leary Exchange,' believes that business is good in itself. Letting a business chase profits (within limits) leads to innovation and new ideas that help society, she says.

But she also thinks that the banks have become "a beast." And that's why she wants the Occupy movement to stay in play.

Her new book is 'The Power of Why.' It's in stores now.

In this clip, Amanda talks about...

Why business is good
"I think a business is a pristine engine of profit, and as long as it's focused on that, it'll do what it wants to do. But you put limits on it, you say what they, how far that can go. But in the process of just being a profit generator, they make new products, they make our worlds better all the time, they allow us to do more with our lives and our futures. It's a beautiful thing."

Where the banks went wrong
"Banking used to be really simple: you had the money, I had the money, let's get us together. It became a beast, right? Frankenstein's monster. It did. And it created a bunch of stuff that's really - one banker put it to me, 'it's the equivalent of two car manufacturers selling each other cars, and then parking them in parking lots. No use for any of it. And then it used - it took up more and more of our economy, crowding out real businesses."


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