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Alan Thicke On What He Learned From Working With Johnny Cash, Plus His Thoughts On Kirk Cameron’s Co

Alan Thicke stars in 'Queen for a Day: The Musical', a stage production just outside Toronto. It's based on the long running American radio and television program from the 1940's and 1950's and is considered one of the first ever reality shows.

In this clip Alan tells George about the time he worked with musician Johnny Cash and how his father got fooled into writing a prescription for the visiting legend.

He also talks to George about his 'Growing Pains' co-star Kirk Cameron, who has been criticized for making controversial statements about same sex marriage.

On Johnny Cash:
"I didn't know what I learned from Johnny Cash until I saw the movie. I brought my dad, a doctor, to see a taping of the show. June said, Dr. Thicke, Johnny's got this terrible toothache, I wonder if you would have any kind of pain killer or medication? Later we found they had a pain killer doctor, Dr. Feelgood, in every town."

On Kirk Cameron:
"He was the Justin Bieber of our day. There was no privacy. He was living a very unusual life for a 15 year old. His way of dealing with it was to internalize, privatize, pull back. He found solace in religion ... it's a very tough, unnatural life for a 15 year old."


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