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A.J. Jacobs On His Quest For Bodily Perfection

If you've set out to become the healthiest man alive, you're gonna encounter some rocky roads along the way. For example, when your wife hates your latest workout regimen, or when you learn that yet another seemingly harmless habit is actually terrible for your health.

A.J. Jacobs will be in the red chair tonight, along with actor Mark Ruffalo.

A.J. Jacobs: At the beginning, [my wife] was very excited. I think she thought I took it too far, which I probably did. I took her to some extreme exercise regimens that she hated. There's this one very popular one in New York City called IntenSATI, where you go and you work out, and you scream affirmations at the same time."

A.J.: I was shocked by how bad sitting at your desk all day is for you. The research on this is really alarming. One doctor told me sitting is the new smoking -- which is probably an overstatement, but not much."