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Adam Beach Talks Johnny Depp Playing Tonto In ‘The Lone Ranger’

Actor Adam Beach says he was inspired early in his career by Johnny Depp - but he wishes the actor would leave a character like Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' to a native actor.

He also talks about the decision to cast a leading role in the 'Twilight' series with a non-native actor, and the message he feels that sends.

Adam was in studio to talk about the CBC's hit series 'Arctic Air'. The adventure drama is set in the Yellowknife, and stars Beach as maverick bush pilot Bobby Martin.

In this clip, Adam talks about:

Johnny Depp
Adam: Johnny Depp was the inspiration ... He was playing on 21 Jump Street - a character who created characters while in different schools - he's an undercover police officer. And I found it interesting that I wanted to be somebody else.
George: Johnny Depp is playing Tonto ... what do you think of the fact that Tonto is being played by Johnny Depp?
Adam: Well he's well respected, so everybody says 'yay'. But for me, I'm like "Man! Stay away from my territory! Stick to another pirate movie!"

You look at a huge success with Twilight - nothing against it - but there's a huge [number of] fans following the trilogy. And a lead guy is supposed to be Native American, but he's not. Nothing against his performance, but for me ... you can't give that message to Native people to say, "you are not good enough to be lead role status in our trilogy." It's sending a bad message.