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Deer Crashes Through Windshield Of A Bus
May 16, 2013
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This video is absolutely wild. It's of a white-tailed deer that came crashing through the windshield of a bus.

The deer was running across a road in Johnstown, Pennsylvania but couldn't jump out of the way in time and took out almost the entire windshield.

But this is one resilient deer as it quickly scrambled to its feet, trying to find a way off the bus. After about 45 seconds, it ran out the front door.

Word of advice: next time, ring the bell.

Needless to say, the deer wasn't the only one freaked out. The driver John Porter was shaken (but not stirred) - he walked away with a few cuts on his hands from the glass.

"Just out of the blue, something out of the corner of my eye, I saw something come through the window and a deer was there," he told WPXI.com. "It was kicking around pretty good."

No one was on the bus, except for a woman sitting way in the back (top right corner), who never made a move.

"I think she was more worried about how she was going to get home," Porter said.

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